rainy outside rainy outside : merepek , merepek dan terus merepek !

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

merepek , merepek dan terus merepek !

saya mahu mengarut malam ini , kalau ada yang salah , tolong betulkan yea ?

we fell so far away ,from the way we used to be , now here standing and where do we go ? when theres no road , to gets to your heart , let's start all over again ..

return to alah and back to quran .
the only solution is back to quran ..
don't be a hero and arrogant .. ( naty orang tasukka )

do you ever feel such a beautiful night ,
i almost kiss the star .
and when i am looking to you ,
i stuck in the moment .
just imagine u can be mine .
most pretty love .
this is what dream made of ..
eventhough , we getting a part ,
i will not forget you .
i am gonna miss you ..
and i know you'll be miss me too..
so , i am not alone ..
one day ..
i wanna u grab me into your arms ..
i love you FinSley my littel cute monster :)

nur zarifah rosli :)

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